Snatcher Translation - First open release

by snout on 14-02-2002, 10:35
Topic: Translations

Source: Daniel Caetano on the MSX Mailinglist

Daniel Caetano has done a hell of a job -with a little help from his friends[*]in creating the tools to translate the texts in 'Snatcher'. Today, the first open version (version 0.0.8) was released. The game will be translated to Portuguese first, but thanks to the tools translation to English will be very easy as well.In this early version...

  • The introdemo has been translated
  • Menus are translated
  • Name input is translated and working
  • A new boot disc with graphical screen was made
  • The hardware options (SCC/SCC+ etc.) are saved on disc
  • Names can have capital letters and lower cases

So check out the site, and if you don't speak Portuguese... have a little more patience for the English version.

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