Snatcher translation projects update

by snout on 09-01-2003, 00:46
Topic: Translations

It's been a long while since we reported about the Snatcher translation projects. Most MSX users will know the fabulous MSX Action RPG SD-Snatcher. SD-Snatcher was released on MSX only, and based on the game Snatcher. Which was more or less a text-adventure. Unlike SD-Snatcher, Snatcher was released on many other platforms than MSX. The MSX version had not yet been translated to English. The story of Snatcher is the same story as the story in SD-Snatcher and was created by Metal Gear guru Hideo Kojima.Today, new versions of the Portuguese and English translations of Snatcher were released. Here's the changelog:Both versions:

  • Added load and save functionality for harddisk
  • Fully tested harddisk compatibility by playing the entire game
  • Fixed a problem that disabled booting the game from DOS2
  • Optimized the script importer

Portuguese version (0.8.0):

  • Made several corrections on the texts
  • Chen's name corrected on Gaudi. Now it's 'chen' and not 'Chen'.

English version:

  • Opening demo is fully translated
  • Many menus were translated

It seems that at least the Portuguese version of the Snatcher translation will go final this year. Grab your downloads at the Snatcher translation site