2nd Annual Artwork Contest

by msxgamesbox on 02-08-2003, 00:28
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The MSX Games bOX just launched the 2003 edition of the Artwork contest it already organised last year. Although being very open, emphasis will be given to artworks that will showcase the theme of '20 Years of MSX gaming'. Full details of the contest rules and prizes to be won can be read at http://www.msxgamesbox.com.

Last year the first edition of this artwork contest resulted in these pictures. If you want to sponsor or join this years contest, have a look at the details on the website.

Relevant link: http://www.msxgamesbox.com.

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06-08-2003, 23:21

The first submission is in and came from Egypt, who's next???
Also, for information, UniversMSX.com and AG Software are the first sponsors of the contest, there are already 5 prizes to be won!!! So, get all to work!