5 years of MSXFiles

by snout on 07-07-2004, 06:20
Topic: Websites

The Brazilian MSX community website MSXfiles celebrates it s 5th anniversary. What started as an overview of rare MSX software has become a bi-lingual (Portuguese and English) news-portal where a lot of MSX news, mainly considering the Brazilian MSX community, can be found. Recenlty a feature was added which allows you to post reactions on newsposts. MSX Resource Center would like to congratulate and thank Slotman, the webmaster of MSXFiles, for keeping his website alive and kicking.

Relevant link: MSXFiles

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By flyguille

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07-07-2004, 17:31

i can't access to the website

the first time the IEXPLORER 6 full upgraded freeze.... CTRL+ALT+DEL in the while... and i click again, and i get , denegated access.

By flyguille

Prophet (3031)

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07-07-2004, 17:32

brazil version, forbidden at the left frame, and the right frame is ok

By flyguille

Prophet (3031)

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07-07-2004, 17:33

You don't have permission to access /boottop.htm on this server.

By snout

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07-07-2004, 17:44

By msxgamesbox

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07-07-2004, 21:50

By Manuel

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07-07-2004, 22:14

hmm, I also get a lot of Forbidden errors... Sad

By SLotman

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08-07-2004, 13:42

We had severe server problems in the exact same day -try it now and everything should work allright.

As for IE freezing, It happens sometimes - the redirection tag I used on the first page to "emulate" an MSX booting seems to be poorly supported on IE, which result in sometimes the browser to hang up.

But dont blame me, the tag is a part of HTML standard and works fine on both Mozilla and Opera - only in IE it crashes - and even so, sometimes.

Anyway, if you guys have any more troubles just let me know =)

By Abi

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10-07-2004, 23:46

i got also error when i click on one of those rare games.