HispaMSX.org adds access to the IRC network

by karloch on 11-02-2005, 21:17
Topic: Websites

Today, HispaMSX.org has added an IRC client to the website through a Java applet. By default it will connect to the spanish community IRC channels #msx and #obsoletos, at the IRC-Hispano network. Futhermore, an adittional button has been implemented to allow fast access to the #msx channel at undernet.org network for the english speaking users.

The Java client used is PJIRC and it allows operations like DCC Chat, DCC file sharing and multiserver connection (IRC-Hispano and Undernet in this case).

Relevant link: HispaMSX.org

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By BiFi

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15-02-2005, 17:16

When will #msxdev on the Rizon network be added to that list?