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by Grauw on 15-07-2003, 22:06
Topic: Websites

The MSX Assembly Page (MAP) has been updated today. Since its launch on April 23rd this year, the MAP is a very interesting website on which you can find in-depth information on MSX software development. As the name of the site indicates, most attention goes to coding Z80 assembly.

The following things were added to the MSX Assembly Pages:

  • Wrote a resource about I/O ports on MSX.
  • Updated the resources section with a fair number of new documentation and added mirrors.
  • Linked to a couple more sites in the links section.
  • Made the tables look a little prettier.

Relevant link: MSX Assembly Page

Comments (3)

By enribar

Paragon (1206)

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18-07-2003, 08:20

GREAT! One question: I've not check if sources are ready to "cut & paste" in some assembler tool, for ex. I've got Chaos Assembler 3, can I run those programs directly or they are only (sub)routines?

By Arjan

Paladin (782)

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19-07-2003, 00:07

Except for some testing tools those are only subroutines. But it would be a nice addition to include little demo's, like using screen splits, showing how to load and display a .ge5 image (oh ir's already there I see...), if anyone can think of more that would be great too Smile

By Grauw

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22-07-2003, 01:44

Arjan is right, the MAP only contains subroutines right now, and not entire sources. But it shouldn't be too much effort to use them, easiest is usually to use some Basic hybride programming (make a .BIN file from them and make a loader in Basic which goes to screen 5 and loads pictures for example), or a .COM file (which I like to do myself).

A thing about copy/pasting... All assemblers use a slightly (or not-so-slightly, in the case of CA3) different format for the assembly mnemonics and directives. So copy/pasting it into a specific assembler might work, but it would need some small changes in the format to work in another assembler. Usually it's mainly a matter of a few effective search and replace's though.

Anyways, in the future we will add more sources which are complete and 'for educational purposes' Smile. Also we'll write a couple of MSX programming tutorials. It's just that it takes time to write them (I love doing it! ^_^), and that at the moment I have a lot of other stuff to do. Also, there are other additions the MAP can really use aswell which are more on an advanced level, and those are more fun for me to work on Smile, and of much more use for us personally aswell. So until now none of us really took the time to write a more beginner-oriented course. But don't worry, it'll be there Smile. It just might take a couple of months.