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by Omega on 26-07-2003, 00:58
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MSX Radio, the online radiostation that only plays MSX songs was updated once again. Almost two years ago the first version of MSX Radio went online. Since then, most people got a better internet connection. Therefor, the bitrate of all songs was changed from 32kbps mono to 56kbps stereo. Also the playlist was cleaned up a bit: some old songs were taken out and some new ones put in.

If you want your songs to play on MSX Radio, or have comments about it, don't hesitate to contact it's administrator (OmegaMSX) at

The latest listener statistics of MSX Radio are (Country Streams Total Listening Hours):

  • Japan 178 115:18
  • Netherlands 28 58:05
  • Brazil 55 29:14
  • Germany 9 6:36
  • Spain 5 2:53

If you want to listen to MSX Radio, check this website.

Relevant link: MSX Radio

Comments (2)

By snout

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26-07-2003, 01:07

Nice work!

and keep your eyes on the MRC because MSX Radio and the MRC will soon have a nice surprise for y'all Wink

By Grauw

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26-07-2003, 16:58

Wow, lots of Japanese listeners!