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by snout on 19-02-2004, 13:48
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Manel Collado and Javier Pérez have started a new online MSX initiative: MSX Review. On this website they will bring the latest MSX news in Spanish by releasing full-colour magazines in PDF format. The first edition of MSX Review has just been released and can be downloaded from their website. It contains articles on Bombaman, Call MSX, Desgalitxat MSX and a page of News-flashes. MSX Review has been added to our links database

Relevant link: MSX Review

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By Bart

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19-02-2004, 17:27

"The Tripod page you are trying to reach has exceeded its bandwith limit. It will be available again in a few hours. "

Not really pratical to run this website and its (large) PDF files on a tripod page with little bandwith... Maybe you can try Lycos. They allow for more bandwidth to be used.