MSX Wallpaper Contest closed, Winners Announced!

by FiXato on 20-11-2002, 10:45
Topic: Websites

A couple of weeks ago the MSXGamesbOX started a Wallpaper contest in co-operation with the MSX-Xpress & Affiliates. During one month MSX fans from all around the world made beautiful pieces of art which varied from wallpapers, screensavers to interactive Flash animations. On the 31st of October MSX Express had about 20 submissions and decided to close the contest.

After a very hard deliberation, in which the admins & (S-)mods of the MSX-Xpress & Affilates Forum decided 66% of the final grade and the visitors of MSXGamesbOX had a 34% share, they've finally come to a decision! Benoit "Le Martien" Delvaux has arranged all comments and scores into a nice page with thumbnails. You can find his page on:

The original Contest thread on the msx-xpress & Affilates Forum can be found here: