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by Bart on 31-01-2002, 21:11
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The MSX-Xpress and Affiliates just have finished upgrading their forum to fit the new demands! Our new forum has a lot of new functions and looks much better! Because we had quite a lot old messages from the previous forum, we even have transferred all these (by hand).And of course, if you have a question about a game, piece of hardware, fair or anything else, don't hesitate to ask it at our New Improved Forum!Just surf to our forum and join the MSX-Xpress and Affiliates Forum!

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By FiXato

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01-02-2002, 21:13

I would like to inform you that we are having a little fun contest at the forum...
Register a free account and reply to the For-Fun-topics in General Talk ( !!

We have a nice prize to offer to the winner!!

Filip Slagter,
Founder and Administrator of The MSX-Xpress & Affiliates Forum