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Van Wild_Penguin

Hero (644)

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25-10-2015, 09:28

A nice thread, I didn't know this existed! Had I known, I would have put my Shark Hunter music questions in here ;) I also noticed that in this thread there's questions about other music in Shark Hunter, too. But no answers.

I've updated the wiki page a bit.

Van MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

afbeelding van MäSäXi

25-10-2015, 11:42

Star Wars (by Bytebusters, theme from Star Wars, game itself being a Missile Command clone, I think)

I didn´t put this to wiki, as I am not sure if I remember the tune right.

Van Hrothgar

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25-10-2015, 16:08

Correct, but that game was also released titled "Missile Command" on MSX: .

Van Feiraco

Master (140)

afbeelding van Feiraco

03-12-2015, 20:11


Here are some unknown to me:

* Hercules - Slayer of the Damned has two greek style tunes, can anybody recognise them if they are traditional or not?
* Peter Beardley´s International Football (this has some familiar tune)
* Matchday II (same here)
* Mask 1-3 (are these taken from cartoons? I have never seen them so I don´t know)

It has been almost 30 years for me, but if I remember correctly the tune of Matchday II is the song "When the Saints Go Marching In" (

Van Feiraco

Master (140)

afbeelding van Feiraco

03-12-2015, 20:12

By the way, this is a great topic!

In the past decades I've found out that many tunes which I heard on the MSX first were actual songs and some even very popular ones :-)

Van Feiraco

Master (140)

afbeelding van Feiraco

03-12-2015, 20:17

Cyndi Lauper's song "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough" is heard in The Goonies game of Konami.
Nowadays it's quite evident, but I had never heard the actual song until recently:

Van poke-1,170

Paragon (1783)

afbeelding van poke-1,170

19-05-2016, 16:49

for what it's worth: in the list lazy jones is mentioned with kernkraft 400's zombie nation as the source. That of course is the other way around,kernkraft 400 used the lazy jones song for their hit.

Van igor.d.monteiro

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08-06-2016, 10:21

ZANAC music in TYRIAN.

Van fondacio

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afbeelding van fondacio

12-02-2018, 21:57

Maybe I shouldn't kick a topic that has been dormant for almost six years a while, but I just remembered that the intro tune of Treasure of Usas is very similar to the intro of Lucky Star by Madonna. Given Madonna's fame throughout the 1980s, also in Japan, I don't think that's a coincidence. Of course, the similarity ends after just a few seconds.

Van meits

Scribe (6544)

afbeelding van meits

12-02-2018, 23:37

Well that's a funny find Smile

If you run into something that's been discussed before and you feel your message adds to the discussion, I do not see a reason why you shouldn't have the right to raise the topic from the death. It's good even. That way one discussion isn't split in two.

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