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Van Feiraco

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02-07-2020, 10:34

enribar wrote:

Glamorous Life by Sheila E. (Prince):
reminds me Penguin Wars :-)

Haha! I note the similarity as well.... Sheila E is great by the way.

Van theNestruo

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23-07-2020, 16:39

The MSXdev'20 entry Block Puzzle title music is J. S. Bach's Invention No.13 in A minor (BWV 784).

Van Manuel

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16-01-2021, 23:21

Can someone add the tunes from the games Brisk and Leprechaun?

Van Manuel

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18-01-2021, 21:18

Wolf says for Leprechaun:
0: no idea;
1: no idea;
2: ;
4: ;
5: no idea;
6: no idea;
7: no idea;
8: no idea;

Someone who recognizes more? And Brisk?
Let me try for Brisk:
A. ?
B. ?
C. Jarre: Oxygene IV:
D. ?
E. Future World Orchestra: Roulette
F. Hot Butter: Popcorn
G. F. Cuitad & Y. Hayat - The Force
H. H. Faltermeyer: Theme From Fletch (one of my favs, discovered via this game)
I. ? (a classic, but I don't know the name)
J. ?

Van Manuel

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22-01-2021, 22:17

Aw, no one interested in these fun games with very good FM music?

Van Wild_Penguin

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09-02-2021, 08:55

Ever get that feeling when listening to music: "I've heard this before, but not here!"

That happened today as I was listening by change to Pop Avenue by Janko Nilovic ('72).

It took me a while to figure where I've heard it ;-)

I must admit I didn't hear it on the MSX version (since the MSX version of the game has a partly different soudntrack), however, (at least) hints of the theme from Pop Avenue can still be heard on the MSX in a later game of the same series.

Anyone want to guess which game (or series) this is? Wink

Van ren

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09-02-2021, 13:19

@Manuel: nice, I'm not too familiar with those games myself though Smile

Wild Penguin: [spoiler]that would by Ys?[/spoiler] Smile Nice find!

Btw: anyone is free to update the wiki page of course.
I was thinking earlier about reformatting however; e.g. I feel the 'developer' column doesn't add much, but does take precious space. The developer (or publisher) could e.g. be simply but in parenthesis after the game title. This effort would be pretty low on my priority list however Smile

Van JohnHassink

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09-02-2021, 22:57

This is absolutely not meant to start a heavy argument or anything, but IMHO the Janko Nilovic song bears way too superficial similarities to warrant an entry in that wiki.
I would like anyone to compare the two and say what's on your mind considering this.

Van Wild_Penguin

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10-02-2021, 17:36

Well, I listened to both the Pop Avenue and Feena theme (which is not in the MSX version as a whole) side-by-side / one-after-the other. I stand by my words since to me they sound very similar, although there are some differences, too. I would not call the similarities superficial. Some differences (like the difference of intro) can be just because the synth chips of the era can not reproduce what is heard on the record.

Sure, they are not identical (I mean the Pop Avenue does divert later to do it's own thing later on going all funky, and is more elaborate music overall), but after the intro, they share pretty much the same theme. It's not the same song, but there have been plagiarism lawsuits with less similarities - some have been settled out of court [1], some resulted in compensation and/or credits being changed [2]. These are just examples of what has been seen as similar before, not suggesting plagiarism has been done here. After all, Nilović seems to have been doing something called Library Music and for all we know, there could have been some licensing happening (and I'm not sure what's the convention of listing credit in these industries, even if there is no licensing fees, it might still be allowed ... and after all I don't want to derail this thread to legal issues, just wanted to give some other examples)...

In any case, I'm not at all opposed to changing the Wiki page, as these are, after all, opinions, if people view they are not similar enough (either remove or change wording). To me it seems probable there is real influence here, but I can not rule out a coincidence, either (I suppose one should ask the original composers to get any kind of confirmation either way).

p.s. And sorry for the lengthy reply. I don't want to argue either, just want to voice my POV :-P

LINKS (forum code breaks if I try to put them inline):


EDIT: gaaah forum code breaks anyways because of () in the URLs...

Van turbor

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10-02-2021, 20:49

theNestruo wrote:

The MSXdev'20 entry Block Puzzle title music is J. S. Bach's Invention No.13 in A minor (BWV 784).

Also there is some Chopin in that game, the ubiquitous funeral march.

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