The MSX was sold in Thai!

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Door gdx

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17-11-2015, 00:27


I did not know that the MSX was also sold in Thai.
Some Daewoo were rebranded Wandy but there were others.

MSX1 Wandy CPC-200 :

MSX2 Wandy CPC-300 :

Casio MX-15 :

Sony HB-101P :

The MSX sold there seem to be all MSX PAL with internatinal keyboard. A cartridge from Aquarius allowed to make the MSX Thai.

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Van mars2000you

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17-11-2015, 01:18

It should be interesting to know if the Thai MSX software of Aquarius was not only sold as cartridge, but eventually also added inside the Wandy CPC-300.

For the DPC-200, the answer is no, as there is even a dead key, just like on the international versions of the Daewoo computer :

For the CPC-300, I'm not sure that there's a DEAD key and it's not evident to see the characters corresponding to a combination with the CODE key :

Van mars2000you

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17-11-2015, 01:17

On the left of these pictures, you can see the Thai MSX cartridge of Aquarius :

And here's Thai language on the MSX screen :

Van mars2000you

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17-11-2015, 02:00

More pictures here of the Wandy CPC-300 :

Like the international versions of Daewoo CPC-300, Talent DPC-300 and TPC-310, he has version 2.1 of MSX-BASIC :

Van Piter Punk

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18-11-2015, 15:30

And we have any idea of what this Aquarius cartridge do? It's like a KANJI-ROM cartridge for japanese machines?

Van mars2000you

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18-11-2015, 15:52

I think it's a cartridge that adds Thai characters, just like Arabic characters are added with an additionnal rom in the Arabic MSX/MSX2 computers.

Van Manuel

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18-11-2015, 23:12

ROM dumps would be very interesting Smile

Van nanochess

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19-11-2015, 03:38

It would be a nice thing to see some manuals in Thai or advertisements in local magazines

Van MäSäXi

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26-01-2016, 13:21

Aquarius cartridge had thai language characters etc inside?
Aquarius was Mattel Electronics´ computer, Mattel just bought rights to use other company´s machine.

I suppose this thai company has nothing to do with Mattel and they just have used this logo without permission. Unless somebody proves that you can also run Aquarius software using this cartridge. :)

Van rderooy

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16-09-2016, 14:10

Found this on ebay from a Thai seller:

Looking at the gameplay picture, this is clearly Championship Pro Wrestling. And it seems that "Aquarius" published it. Cartridge has, apart from the Aquarius marking only Wrestling and 256 on it.

Van mfeingol

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17-09-2016, 01:01

I just bought a Zanac cartridge from that seller. We'll see what it looks like. It would be interesting if it were localized to Thai.

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