We must get interviews of 1980s MSX game developers, software house owners, anything MSX related, before it´s too late!

Door MäSäXi

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25-01-2016, 08:14

Could we, MSX´ers, have our very own MSX related interview section on the "Articles" section?

I am talking about almost totally missing interviews of 1980s game developers, software house employees, computer club workers, etc. Few years ago we got an interview of ex-Konami UK PR manager and we have heard the words from the founder and owner of Electric Adventures, and some other little information here and there during years, but all those information are buried somewhere in the topics, with an exception of that PR manager, this interview can be found from the Articles section, but that´s all we have there. Sad Having an "Interviews" section might encourage some people to try and make interviews. Smile

I think it would be really great to have many interviews and all those interviews and information about old game developers etc. put into one place, under one link. Smile

And it would be a good thing to start to do all this soon, before it´s too late. Isn´t that ex-Konami UK PR manager dead already? We just got his interview just a few years ago, and now he´s dead. If we still keep waiting, more and more people will get older and older, they will lose their last interest to the old computers or they just disappear, maybe they will move to the new location and nobody knows where they have moved and may disappear from the web or stop using their email, or will have a bad accident or will die otherwise.

A good start would be to get an interview of Mr. Electric Adventures, that would be an easy thing to do. Smile Somebody always knows somebody who knows some old 1980s game programmer who has programmed or ported games to MSX. No matter how much many people may hate Spectrum ports, I think it would be interesting to read interviews from those guys, who did the job back then. Even a small interviews would be great! Smile

There were companies, like Codemasters and Mastertronic who published MSX games, even their MSX range was very small when compared to competiting computer brands, Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore 64. It would be great to have interview of Codemasters´ Darling brothers (the founders) to ask what they thought about MSX, or was their MSX interest just for money? Wink Do those Darlings still own Codemasters? If they do, it should be quite easy to at least contact them. I hope those interviews could have some questions about how 1980s game developers, company owners, etc. thought about whole computer gaming industry or quality of games, etc., back then and not just about MSX games only.

Electric Software, Orpheus and Aackosoft did nice colourful games, using MSX´s sprites and SCREEN 2, also making good music! I hope we could get interview of somebodies who worked there. Yes, Aackosoft also made MSX2 games, hope to read more about such things too soon! Smile Radarsoft had made both MSX and MSX2 games. I would like to hear more about "World Map" game. Smile

Possibly musicians and graphic makers opinions about their game(s) would be nice to read, even shorter comments. Smile Local electronics/computer/game shop owner/employee interviews are also welcomed!

Gominolas made tunes to Viejo´s game, and same game got great artwork from the old 1980s game cover art maker. They both can probably be still contacted for an interview. Smile No matter, if their work were not just MSX only, I am very interested to hear about anything they can remember about those times and what they were asked to do, did they got any suggestions which kind of tunes/drawings to do, etc..

It would be nice to have old game developers/port makers even somehow mentioned, even if nobody knows anything about them, then even having just their names (with the names of the games, of course) mentioned in some game developer list would be nice. Any little information more about those game developers would be a nice bonus! Smile

Now, anybody who knew somebody, please start searching and contacting those somebodies, before it´s too late! Smile

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Van ren

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25-01-2016, 13:40

An audiobook would be great... Wink
(Just kidding, will read up at a later point of time.. Wink)

Van wimpie3

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25-01-2016, 17:02

In the magazine Retro Gamer you can find a lot of interviews with the original programmers from '80s games, often from the UK. Although they mostly talk about the Spectrum originals, MSX gets mentioned too.

But I agree, talking to someone who was directly involved on an MSX hit would be cool.

Van jltursan

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25-01-2016, 20:30

I remember being greatly impressed with the interview to Steve Wallis some years ago. I've always been a great fan of the first Kuma's MSX developments, most of them coming from Wallis brothers :-)

Van MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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26-01-2016, 12:51

It would be a good idea to list known persons here, persons who are still active or you know that somebody knows that person. Wasn´t Pepe Vila ex-Spectrum port maker? Some years ago he made either a mock up screenshot how some old wild west theme Spectrum game should look on MSX Screen 2. Or was it a game in development?

Van msx fan finland

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10-02-2016, 09:48

hi .
im volunteer to interwiew always.

email is goodsolution for me .

if any guestions then send to me email


my msxing start 1984 with svi 728


Van RamonMSX

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10-02-2016, 10:08

The books by John Szczepaniak titled "The untold history of Japanese game developers' contain tons of really interesting interviews. There are 2 volumes so far. I am currently reading volume 2 which has a chapter about T&E Soft for example. He also interviewed people involved with Falcom, Xain soft and Game Arts to name a few. Highly recommended. These books are available on Amazon.