Convert MSX text adventure?

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26-01-2016, 16:48

Hi to text adventure players on MSX Platform,

To those old-school and retro text adventure program fans and/or authors who used 80's adventure utilities to play and write adventures on different platforms such as ZXSpectrum, BBC, Commodore64, Acorn Electron etc.

The "ThinBASIC Adventure Builder" (aka T.A.B.) is my retro text adventure creator for WINDOWS. (PC)
It works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and above.

TAB is a kind of Quill/PAW replicant or variant, works on similar principles, and runs on WINDOWS only.

TAB might be useful for adventure creators who may want to remake an existing non-PC PAW or Quill'ed game.

I know this can be done without much difficulty for most ZXSpectrum adventures by transferring or "converting" the existing adventure program database list (extracting the .z80 or .sna files with the unpaws211 utility)
The game can then be expanded, embellished or extended if desired. (eg: to add more text/puzzles ; to be more user friendly ) in TAB.
The resultant remake would work as a standalone Windows executable - thus avoiding the necessity of running the original game through a PC emulator...

Or, of course you can build a whole new game from scratch as well. :)

Here is a playlist I recently updated:

catventure. ;)

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27-01-2016, 20:20

Thank you! Sounds interesting! Smile

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03-02-2016, 12:13


A minor update to the program was released on 02 Feb 2016.