Mysterious Sea Sardine password

Door JohnHassink

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31-08-2017, 03:49

It's about Sea Sardine Side 2 by MSX Magazine. After beating it (the game has only two levels, by the way) you'll get a password.
Browsing through some of my old (over 20 years old) disks just now, I stumbled upon a textfile containing a password that the game gave me.

This particular password I got after not only beating it, but also cheating it, on a real MSX, which boils down to putting something heavy on the spacebar at the right moment and going for a walk, of which the explanation would be too long to go into right now (not the walk but the auto-farming itself).

The password is

M242 08H6
80DG G006

and in case the player's prowess is recorded therein, it should give you both maxed out "sardine level" and "option level" as well as 51 lives.

Only, I never found a way to get "Side 2" to let you enter a password, nor do I know if other 'chapters' exist. Or that maybe it's meant to be used in some other MSX Magazine production. So, maybe someone here knows what it's for.

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02-08-2020, 21:27

According to MSX Computer Magazine 56 p11 Martijn Schut states that there is also another password possible:
8200 01G6
80DG 0080
Might it be that there are multiple options?


Van Sylvester

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29-12-2020, 10:15

As far as i know there are 2 parts of Sea Sardine:
- Side-1
- Side-2

But it's possible there is also a side 3 on the other disk communication editions that are still MIA.
About the passwords, maybe you also get a password if you finish side-1 which you can use for side-2 to continue with the level/lives that you finished it in side-1. And are the passwords you get in side-2 for the next part in the series..........

Van SLotman

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29-12-2020, 16:03

Maybe you need to press some keys for a password screen? Like Ctrl-K in some Konami games Smile

Van Sylvester

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29-12-2020, 16:42

Sea Sardine Side-2 has a enter password screen, Side-1 doesn't. But the above passwords don't work in Side-2.