Christmas quiz 2017

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Door hamlet

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01-11-2017, 19:33

One year ago, We started a quiz to sweeten the pre-christmas time, which was a nice thing to do. As there was 16 questions over 8 weeks, I decided to repeat this, but this time with a daily riddle from 1st to 24th december.
Thanks to kind MSX users, there are also more prices to win. For example game cartridges and a complete Philips 8020 MSX computer.
As I have to do this quiz for my own this year, please be forgiving. It should make a lot of fun for you and me. I also have a job to to, preparations for christmas and a family to care for.
If you got any suggestions to make this a better quiz, please let me know.
Here are the rules:
Points a good thing to messure, let´s use them again!
There will be a ascending point system, like last year, try to keep the chances for beginners and John Hassink the same. This would look like:

Day 1-1 POINT: One Standart , your only change to get an odd number!
Day 2-2 POINTS: One more than one
Day 3-3 POINTS: Three Voices of a amazing PSG
Day 4-4 POINTS: Four Generations of beloved computers
Day 5-8 POINTS: Eight kB min. amount of RAM
Day 6-12 POINTS: Twelf screens
„Santa Special“ :

Send a selfie with you and your favourite system to win a special price, like a poster from of your own choise!
Day 7-16 POINTS: Sixteen fantastic basic colours
Day 8-32 POINTS: Thirtytwo kB of sample Ram in the Philips Music Module
Day 9-48 POINTS: Years past since the first visit to the moon
Day 10-64 POINTS: Sixtyfour kB RAM most MSX computers come with
Day 11-80 POINTS: A tribute to Zilgogs Z80
Day 12-128 POINTS: Onehundretandtwentyeight kB VRAM
Day 13-192 POINTS: Onehundretandninetytwo kB VRAM maxed out
Day 14-256 POINTS: Twohundtetandfiftysix: That´s eight bit!
Day 15-360 POINTS: Threesixty kB on a single side
Day 16-512 POINTS: Fivehundretandtwelf colours
Day 17-640 POINTS: No one will ever need more!
Day 18-720 POINTS: Seventwenty kB on a double sided disk
Day 19-800 POINTS: R processing
Day 20-1024 POINTS: One Mb
Day 21-2048 POINTS: much much RAM
Day 22-4096 POINTS: kB of maxed out RAM
Day 23-19268 colors, 19268 POINTS
Day 24-It´s Christmas!

In most quests it is possible to gather multi points, some will be with a time limit, some will serve first answer first. There will be one riddle a day, apearing in in random time, so check the side daily!
Please leave your comments here, we will start on first december.

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Van ren

Paragon (1942)

afbeelding van ren

02-11-2017, 20:52

Cool! Santa

Van Grauw

Ascended (10818)

afbeelding van Grauw

02-11-2017, 21:57

A secret smiley!

Also, looking forward to the quiz! Smile

Van Manuel

Ascended (19676)

afbeelding van Manuel

02-11-2017, 22:33

Yeah, most definitely, I love quizzes Smile

Van meits

Scribe (6571)

afbeelding van meits

02-11-2017, 22:34

I like this quiz. Hamlet surprised everybody with it last year and put the bar high for this edition...
Good luck on topping last year Hamlet Smile

Van evulopah

Paladin (669)

afbeelding van evulopah

02-11-2017, 23:42

This quiz is going to be legen.. wait for it.. dary!!

Van Rataplan

Champion (352)

afbeelding van Rataplan

02-11-2017, 23:56


Day 1-1 POINT: One Standart , your only change to get an odd number!

Day 3-3 POINTS: Three Voices of a amazing PSG


Great quiz again, looking forward! Thanks for the effort in this!

Van ren

Paragon (1942)

afbeelding van ren

03-11-2017, 19:10

So what the price for posting first comment? O:-)


Van hamlet

Scribe (4106)

afbeelding van hamlet

03-11-2017, 20:20

Well, you´ve got the great honour to determine the starting time for our quiz, so you got the chance to be first again.
One point to rule them all!

Van hamlet

Scribe (4106)

afbeelding van hamlet

26-11-2017, 19:00

Four days to go!
These will be the prizes to win:

Van Philip

Champion (380)

afbeelding van Philip

26-11-2017, 20:26

Those are some cool prizes hamlet !

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