Need tips on MSX Joystick -> USB

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28-02-2007, 20:32

I have a spare XE-1 PRO joystick with a broken cable, but everything else is still good. Instead of repairing the cable I plan to modify it with a USB cable. I've never done this before, so is there anything I should know before doing this? Or does anyone here want to do this for me? I will pay for the modification.

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01-03-2007, 07:54

If you want you could also take a look at the Competition Pro USB joystick. It's a replica of a classic joystick from the 80s: it's digital, with microswitches *BUT* it has a USB plug so you can connect it immediately with any PC / Mac on the market. You can find it easily one for sale on the internet, I have paid mine less than 8 Euro in a Italian online shop.

The official page:

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01-03-2007, 07:57

MSX has the same joypads as SEGA SMS. I tested MSX joypads on SMS and SMS joypads on MSX successfully. So: tadam!

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01-03-2007, 08:43

The Competition Pro is fine joystick, but I want to keep using my XE-1 PRO.

Thanks for the link. That person used an Atari retrokit from to make the SMS mod. Most likely this Atari Retrokit will work on the MSX too, since the only difference is the pinout.

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01-03-2007, 09:18


MSX, SMS, C64, and some other old home computers (even ZX with IF1) follow to Atari standart of joypad connector pinout. So they joypads are compatible.

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13-03-2007, 21:23

The Atari Retrokit came in the mail today from the guys at The package comes with 3 items: usb board, usb cable, and weblink on piece of paper that leads to wiring diagrams. The kit says it works only for the Atari/Commodore/SMS, but it will work on the MSX if you pretend you're doing this to a SMS joystick.

Several I found out while doing this mod. Works for XE-1 PRO, not so sure about any other MSX joystick.
--MSX pin7 (button B) --> SMS pin9 (button B)
--MSX pin8 (OUT) --> SMS pin8 (GND)
--Don't connect MSX pin9 (GND) to usb board
--On the MSX joystick, pin9 (GND) and pin8 (OUT) should be connected together

So far my joystick is works the way I remembered it. The stick and buttons are sensitive, and the trigger LED on the baseplate lights ups when you press the buttons. Only problems is the auto-fire isn't so fast anymore. Oh well, I don't use as much. I frickin happy though that it I can use it on BlueMSX and other emulators Big smile

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09-12-2011, 10:36

Okay, now it's a few years later. Maybe things have changed and there are better options in the mean time.

For my Suzo Arcade Joystick. I use a converter to gameport. But with a new computer there's no gameport anymore. So now I am still looking for a converter to attach the Suzo Arcade Joystick to the USB port of my PC. I tried a RS232 serial to usb but that did not the job. Another option is the gameport to usb converter but I think that is not going to work (from msx joy to gameport to usb).

Are there many old msx joysticks in use here on your PC's? How do you do that?

Thank you for your answers! Big smile


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09-12-2011, 13:51

How about something like:

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26-12-2011, 13:25