PT3 + AYFX player

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Van Shiru

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29-03-2007, 13:24


Note that this version already contain patch, suggested by dioniso.

Van dioniso

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29-03-2007, 13:45

Shiru, I have realized you still use the old port of the PT3 replayer, without the patch. You just have patched the SFX routine. You should patch the PT3 routine as I told you before:

	OR (HL)
	OR %10000000
	AND %10111111

By the way, I know this is not the last version but it would be better to insert the SFX player into the PT3 player, just before sending the datas to the PSG (like patching the PT3 replayer datas before being sent). Like this, you have a faster code and you don't output values twice in a raster. But I know you are working now in another projects.

Van ro

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29-03-2007, 15:44

hmm, looks like a poor editor/player. only 1 channel and no commands, only 18 steps.. or am I jumping the gun here?
any more info on the whole, like a dedicated website or anything (speccy info?)

sure a nice idea. Still have to edit SEE to handle SFX during PT3 replay.. but hell 'ave to rewrite the whole editor too. (which should be no biggy tho)

Van Shiru

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29-03-2007, 16:10

dioniso, I took this pt3 replayer from this site and thought it already fixed for MSX. OK, I'll fix pt3 when continue this project. And yes, I think I make integration between players in part of outputing registers. There also reasons for it - to eliminate sound distortions (happens because delay between outputs from music player and sfx player) and to make it more compatible (I don't know if it can be on MSX, but on some ZX clones reading from AY registers don't work).

ro, can you explain why you need more than 1 channel per sfx, when you play 3-ch music AND sfx'es together? Maybe you like 1-ch music?Smile I think, 1 channel sfx for PSG is acceptable enough, and it's usual practice for most of games for platforms with simple PSG's (ZX/MSX/SMS/Coleco/NES/etc). Yes, there is no any commands in AYFX editor, because it's more like sample editor in VTII than SEE. ALso, there not a 18 steps (frames actually), there is 1024 steps (try to use cursor keys up/down or mouse wheel); and up to 256 sfx in one file (bank).

At this time there is no more info about AYFX editor. I plan to make new version later, with some improvements (actually, such version almost finished many time ago), and I'll translate documentation to english. There is no dedicated site (I generally don't have one) because there is low interest in this tool from ZX/MSX developers.

Van Huey

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29-03-2007, 16:26

multi channel sfx is indeed unpractical if also have music running the PSG.

Multi channel sfx are mostly used for large explosions (end-boss?). That can be done using a dedicated .pt3 music piece (if you really need multi-channel).

Btw. Wouldn't it be a good idea to add the editor to the MRC download database?

Van Shiru

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29-03-2007, 17:22

Multichannel explosions on simple PSG's has conceptual problem: such PSG's has only one noise channel (in case with AY noise channel shares between main channels and uses they volume), and explosion sound usually consist mostly of noise.

Btw. Wouldn't it be a good idea to add the editor to the MRC download database?
No problem, but I think, better add next version, which will be more usable for english-speaking people.

Because lack of english documentation, I made quick video-showcase, how to use AYFX editor for creation of simple melodic and noise sfx. Here is ZIP-archive with AVI inside (Microsoft Video 1 codec): (616KB).

Van norakomi

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29-03-2007, 17:31


Van jltursan

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29-03-2007, 18:43

There is no dedicated site (I generally don't have one) because there is low interest in this tool from ZX/MSX developers.

Partly disagree with that, there's no too many SFX editors on PC and this one, even being so simple, has all the needed functionality to make the 99% of SFX of a game. Just a crazy suggestion,....why not use saving templates?, by means of some kind of XML, own data tags or whatever template, save the sample data with variable format. Sometimes could be handy to manage data with different order or even saving only some fields. Of course everyone must use his own replayer to play the new sample formats; but this way the editor could be universal.

Van Shiru

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29-03-2007, 19:13

Partly disagree with that
I just commented current situation. Editor was released 1.5 years ago, and by now it was used only once (in Ball Quest game). Another 2-3 people showed little interest in alternative usage of editor - for creation instrument for VTII, for creation wav-sfx for VG-style music, and for creation sfx for SN76489 (SMS/Coleco). Because of that I dropped this project long time ago, and now plan to continue just because now there is some interest from MSX community.

About XML. If another format is needed, why not make converter from editor format to other format? Anyway you'll need tool to convert from XML-like output to own format, and tool with XML parser will be much more complicated. Universality of the editor mainly limited by PSG (AY) limitation. For example, in case with SN76489 there are problem with frequency range (SN in SMS/Coleco can't produce as low tone as AY can); also problem with shared noise channel in AY vs. exclusive noise channel in SN or 2A03, etc..

Van jltursan

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29-03-2007, 20:35

Feedback can take ages to arrive...and sometimes it never arrives...Tongue. I'll just stick thinking that AYFX is the only one PC based AY editor that I know and this chip is a pretty popular one Smile
About the save format, I'm not talking about outputting an XML file. XML would be used only to generate a sample file with different format.....or much better, forget about XML, using your own tags you can define saving templates like :

Template 1:
<Period><Volume><Noise> ; three data per frame

Template 2:
<Volume><Period> ; this time only two values per frame

...or whatever you want to output.

Of course that I can make a .afx -> .xxx converter; but it's always easy to convert data in its source...

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