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Van ro

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30-03-2007, 07:55

ro, can you explain why you need more than 1 channel per sfx, when you play 3-ch music AND sfx'es together? Maybe you like 1-ch music?Smile I think, 1 channel sfx for PSG is acceptable enough, and it's usual practice for most of games for platforms with simple PSG's (ZX/MSX/SMS/Coleco/NES/etc). Yes, there is no any commands in AYFX editor, because it's more like sample editor in VTII than SEE. ALso, there not a 18 steps (frames actually), there is 1024 steps (try to use cursor keys up/down or mouse wheel); and up to 256 sfx in one file (bank).
every time some one says "it should be enough" I remind him/her on the famous Bill Gates words "640k should be enoug" Smile
Sure 1channel mostly work. I do 1ch SFX myself, most of the time. But we're talking short ingame SFX here. When ever there's a event SFX (like an explosion of the mothership for example) I use more than just 1 channel(!)

But we'll have SEE for that Wink

Van 8bit-zombi

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21-04-2007, 08:20

shiru, thanks...
this little program is what i was looking for...
I was trying to use my MSX to play my .pt3 Vortex's files...
and don't have a disk drive...
since I don't know anything about programming I find your pack really helpfull to create .rom files... that then can be converted to .wav...
I only have to change the pt3 file name on the Main.asm
and then run Compile.bat... just great!!!

Now I want more...

is there a way to play more than 1 pt3 file... ??
I mean, compile a .ROM with multiples song in it...
it would need to add some features to the original Main.asm...
like song change keys... and some kind of rewind key...

Could someone help me with this?

maybe this makes no sence... [my english is pretty poor and I don't know anything about programming]

Van Huey

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08-06-2007, 08:42

@Shiru: Are there any developments?


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15-07-2007, 23:51

Hi Shiru
I have see your BQ and this ayfxpt3 WIP,
can you give some explanation on differences between the WIP and the BQ code?
I noted you updated a lot the ayfxpt3 in BQ, but I cannot see any pt3 replayer there.
Have you decided to adopt a new approach for BQ ?
Do you have updated the ayfxpt3 after the release of March ?

do you have see this ?
what about a new release able to cope with the SCC too ?

I would like to merge your PT3+AYSFX with the SCC code from WYZ
do you like the idea?

Van [WYZ]

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16-07-2007, 15:47

@ARTRAG I sent to you a PT3PSG/SCC+AYFX replayer. (a Shiru's replayer patch)


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16-07-2007, 16:22

THANKS!!! It sound very good !!
I eager to see get your code released :-)
About ayfxpt3, I have briefly looked at BQ sources and I think that BQ have an improved version of the player.
do you have any update version of the package?

Van Huey

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16-07-2007, 16:41

@ARTRAG I sent to you a PT3PSG/SCC+AYFX replayer. (a Shiru's replayer patch)

\o/ \o/ Sounds superb. Cant stop playing with it!

@ARTRAG: One more post and you reach 1024 posts!!!

Van Shiru

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16-07-2007, 16:54

Some people asks me about progress with AYFX player. Sorry, currently there is no progress, and project still on hold. If I do any progress, I'll immediately report here.

BQ version of code is slightly different, because it's adapted to MSX by AlCo, not me; and BQ possible uses another pt3 player too (not sure).

You can do anything you want with player code, it's not problem.

Van wolf_

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16-07-2007, 16:55

Yes, however: 1025=master, not 1024 Tongue

Van diabolus

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16-07-2007, 22:26

did I understand this correctly? There's a piece of code that can wreck my msx? How's this possible?

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