How to write DSK images to floppy disks?

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Van Briqunullus

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01-11-2020, 11:17

Gustav XIII wrote:

I believe 1DD disks (360 kb) would not have worked, since the image size (.dsk file) for each disk is 720 kb.

Disks that are labeled 1DD should be avoided. Like Meits said, they are usually rejected 2DD disks where the magnetic material on the second side was rejected in quality control. That should make you distrust the main side as well. If you have single sided images, you can just put them on 2DD disks and only one side will be used. The Floppy Disk Image Tool I linked to in my previous comment is the only option I know that works with Windows 10, just use the /360 switch.

It could be that you need to format new disks before you can use them. During this process, the drive will write the physical tracks to the disk. Back in the days most brands would sell them pre-formatted, but some didn't. I don't know what the current situation is.

Van Manuel

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01-11-2020, 15:45

I have plenty of 2DD disks laying around. Contact me if you want me to send some to any of you.

Van Gustav XIII

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01-11-2020, 17:18

Ok, I will avoid 1DD disks.

Manuel wrote:

I have plenty of 2DD disks laying around. Contact me if you want me to send some to any of you.

Thanks! I will send you an email when I run out of 2DD disks.

I just ordered the last two boxes of brand new 2DD disks in a German store.

Van obaidi

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07-09-2022, 09:59

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I have a question, how long does it take to write an image to a floppy disk?

I'm using the suggested Disk-Manager by Lex Lechz on Windows 11 with USB floppy drive and it has been at least 2 hours since I started and it is still 54%!

Van meits

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07-09-2022, 10:01

That's not good. Should be quite some faster than an MSX could do it.
Try again with another disk.

Van Manuel

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07-09-2022, 10:55

Shouldn't take much more than 1 or 2 minutes indeed.

Van Sama

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10-06-2023, 16:32

I don't seem to be able to pull this off properly. First I tried on my Windows PC using a USB floppy drive. Most of the times, it gives errors (and the fact that it's most of the times and not always, makes it even more puzzling). MSX Floppy Disk Manager says something like 'failed to lock device'. DSK Manager happily tells me the operation was carried out successfully without even accessing the floppy drive.

When Floppy Disk Manager does not give errors, more ofen than not the floppy disk gives errors in the MSX (and yes, I tried a lot of different floppy disks, but it can't be that they're all broken, can it?), which gives me the impression the process of writing the image to a floppy disk is not done very carefully. I haven't managed to write a disk image to a floppy with DSK Manager yet though. When opening an image, it shows the files on the disk, by the way, which makes me wonder if it can actually open and write disk images to a floppy in case there are no files (e.g. games like Dragon Slayer 6).

Then I tried on MSX with DSKPro. I copied DSKPro to a compact flash card which I accessed with the Sunrise CF ATA-IDE. I can run DSKPro without any problems, but can't find out how to select the .DSK file I want to write to disk and then write it to disk?

I am puzzled. It shouldn't be that hard to write a disk image to a floppy disk? Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Van sdsnatcher73

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10-06-2023, 17:54

In DSKPRO you type N for name and enter the name of the DSK file (extension has to be DSK). Select source as A: (your CF card presumably) and target B: (your floppy drive). Press enter to start writing to disk.

Van Manuel

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10-06-2023, 18:57

I always used the simple tool to write disk images to floppy on MSX.

Van cbsfox

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10-06-2023, 21:07

DSKPRO 14.7 is definitely your best choice.

You can press "S" to select the destination folder, and then press "N" to set the name of the file.
Set the operation to DIsk -> File.
Set the Source as the DIsk Drive and the Target as the CF Card.

ANd you have much more options with this tool.

Download it here:

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