Tear of Nile

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17-02-2021, 11:21

Does anyone have the manual for this game? Best yet if in English...

I've been tinkering with the game, I never heard of it back then - but the puzzles are really tough and the game is really fun.

The thing is: I have no clue what the game itens are for. In stages with ghosts and candles, I can use the altar and ghosts just stop moving - I don't know if this is intended behaviour or a bug in the game. I am really in doubt since there is at least ONE puzzle I can't solve without stopping the ghosts...

I've seen some animations that I have no clue what is going on: I've used an item that triggered an animation, where I received a "bonus": a fruit. And then the game was over.

Two things I understood is that some altars shows letters. Those letters form a phrase you must type to get to the next level - so more puzzles you solve, it gets easier to figure out the phrase. I think food is used to restart levels, each time you restart, you consume food. If you run out of food, its game over.

But those are pure speculation. I need a manual to understand what is going on with this game!
Google was no help, all results are just the ROM to be downloaded :(

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