MSX-EQ - PSG equalizer viewer

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Van Edevaldo

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06-01-2023, 06:58

Is it really an equalizer or just bar graphs for each channel?

Just the later, probably...

Van ro

Scribe (4963)

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06-01-2023, 08:13

It is not an Equalizer, but more a scope or frequency analyzer.or just a volume unit per channel

An Equalizer, in audio terms, is to adjust a frequency range.

Van Pyhesty

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07-01-2023, 18:04

of course, this is a spectrum analyzer (PSG freq visualizer), initially the first name was a mistake, but the name "MSX-EQ" was printed on the printed PCB at that time and I left this name =)
ps: I don't understand if I can change the name of the topic?

sch from my github - PLD listens bus PSG ic and visualise freq (9 channels):

Van Pyhesty

Expert (88)

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13-03-2023, 09:09

Good news!
MSX-EQ is adapted for the ZX Spectrum

All files of the ZX-EQ project are available in the RBSC's Github repository:

- Demo 1:
- Demo 2:
- Demo 3:

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