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07-11-2022, 21:29

Does someone have (a dump of) MCM-D54?

For some reason it wasn't on the MCCM cd and nowhere else to be found... So also missing from the official MSX Computer Magazine website. We never even noticed this in over 10 years!

Help is most welcome to set this straight.

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Van meits

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08-11-2022, 00:40

MSX Club West Friesland maybe?

Van raymond

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08-11-2022, 19:56

Was there even a MCM-D54? As the numbering was always one behind. And maybe since number 55 they have made a correction?

Van Manuel

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09-11-2022, 09:19

Never mind, this disk doesn't exist. There is a brief text about it on MCM-D55 when selecting the "Recursie" option and in MCM56 there is a text about it in the "MCM's Programma Service" on page 42.

Problem solved Smile