Scriptile Visual Suite

Scriptile Visual Suite

van ro op 14-01-2023, 08:33
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Just released, and free to use is Scriptile Visual Suite, a modern computer tool to create old computer's pixels. A new and unique piece of software that makes tiles and objects on-the-fly using just scripts. Put away your drawing tool and get comfortable with Scriptile.

For the past three years, MRC user Wolf's been working on a rather unusual piece of software. Knowing Wolf for his, it would've been logical to assume something related to audio and music, but: nope. It's all about graphics and game development. Scriptile Visual Suite (or just Scriptile for short) is the name of his project for Windows. Why this name? Well, the whole tool is about creating graphics and maps, using scripts rather than using the mouse.

The idea isn't entirely new, if you think about it. Who hasn't created graphics in MSX BASIC before, using commands like Line, Pset, Circle, Draw and alike? The tool Scriptile is more or less the same idea regarding programming graphics, except that there are well over a hundred commands in Scriptile, and even more commands are to follow.

The best thing, however, is the scripting engine itself. It's a very mild programming language that features fool-proof parse-while-you-type. This means you don't have to compile and wait, the graphics are being created and shown while you are still typing. If you think scripting graphics will be alienating, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy-going Scriptile is.

Another interesting aspect is its support for community usage. Scripts can be put onto the forum and anyone can paste such scripts into Scriptile, immediately seeing the effect. This community can actually think along regarding these procedural graphics methods and suggest new commands.

Scriptile may in fact appeal to programmers who are visually less creative but are able to think procedurally about graphics. If you can describe it, you can make it. So, give it a go, try the examples, and ask, show and tell in the Scriptile development thread.

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14-01-2023, 23:18

Amazing tool and very detailed videos!