MMM for SymbOS

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Door edoz

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12-02-2023, 20:42

Currently Trebmint and I are working on the MMM game! Hope to show something more in Nijmegen.
It is far from complete, but we think it looks pretty cool already! It is developed in Quigs

Small demostration in SymbOS

Hope you like it as well!

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Van Daemos

Prophet (2169)

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12-02-2023, 21:35

gfx is just plain epic. Is this on 9990?

Van edoz

Prophet (2501)

afbeelding van edoz

12-02-2023, 21:46

Yes, it is G9k pattern mode. Developed in Quigs. It is just a MSX 2, running on 3.5 To be honest on a real machine it looks much smoother, probably my openmsx capture is not the best on my machine.

Van Prodatron

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12-02-2023, 22:47

That looks fantastic! Hard to imagine that this all is programmed in a Basic like language running on a 3.xMHz Z80. The Quigs compiler is just crazy!

This combination of the V9990 graphic card, SymbOS and Quigs turns the MSX and the other three Z80 platforms into 16bit systems Tongue Big smile
Thanks Trebmint and Edo, for your great work! I hope we will see some nearly finished results soon.

Van Louthrax

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12-02-2023, 23:22

Holy crap !!

Van ray2day

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13-02-2023, 10:47

Wow! Very impressive! Cool

Van inchl

Expert (105)

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13-02-2023, 16:53

...and now our MSX platform has two games named MMM! This one is also incredible :-)

Van Manuel

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13-02-2023, 21:31

I actually thought at first that they ported a Lemmings-like game to SymbOS....

but yeah, this is really impressive.... FINALLY a game like this on the MSX... the GFX9000 has been waiting so long for it!

Van gdx

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14-02-2023, 01:21

Edoz do you have the project to carry out the development or is it just to make a demonstration?
Occasionally there is frame loss. Is it possible to fix this big flaw?

Manuel wrote:

FINALLY a game like this on the MSX...

It's promising but it's just a demo for now. I would like to see what it gives with music and some SE. Moreover, F1 Spirit, Road Fighter, Nyancle Racing, XRacing, etc are the same kind, is not?

Van edoz

Prophet (2501)

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14-02-2023, 07:20

We called it MMM, added Mini in front of the name. The reason for this is that it will be a “code demonstration” so we can share the source together with Quigs and will help maybe more people to start such a game project. The planning is that you can do the full map design in quigs. We want to make mmm a playable game but we are not sure how many levels and functions compare to the original will be in. That is wy it is called mini Wink

Prodatron is working on the SymbOS 4 release and a long still missing feature, called the sound daemon will be in the 4 release, so yes we should add sound in the end.

The frame drops are already fixed. In SymbOS we didn’t had the interrupt, but now this was added by Prodatron and fixed by Trebmint in Quigs!

Hope this would help the answers!

Van edoz

Prophet (2501)

afbeelding van edoz

20-02-2023, 14:59

Manuel wrote:

I actually thought at first that they ported a Lemmings-like game to SymbOS....

Yes, Prodatron did finished this Lymmings game for the GUI but wants to add sound before releasing it.
The sound daemon is now really needed for SymbOS Wink

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