New music - felt creative

Door Totta

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afbeelding van Totta

21-02-2023, 22:24

A song popped into my head today and I just felt I had to create it for the PSG.

It's a totally different kind of music that I have previously created for the MSX and it's fun to do something possible to play on a piano for a change.

Of course it sounds exactly like this even on an MSX1.

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Van Mafcase

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afbeelding van Mafcase

21-02-2023, 22:39

Hello Totta,

I have some questions for you. Can you send me an e-mail? (My e-mailadress in in my profle)

Kind regards,

Van aoineko

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21-02-2023, 22:58

A very beautiful music which makes one voyage...

Van Pencioner

Scribe (1610)

afbeelding van Pencioner

21-02-2023, 23:28

one word: wow!

PS. btw it would fit well an RPG game on the scenes where you walk around the village and speak with NPCs looking for info/quests (for example)

Van Totta

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afbeelding van Totta

22-02-2023, 08:41

If used in an RPG game it needs to be a lot longer though. If anyone is interested I could add some more variations. I'm thinking going the way as in the Settlers-music for Amiga which is full of variations but stays faithful to the core.

Van Pac

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afbeelding van Pac

22-02-2023, 18:26

I love it. I totally agree with Pencioner, in fact the same scenario came to mind. It fits perfectly with those moments of calm buying weapons, items and talking to village people before go into the forest looking for action... Tongue

Van Totta

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afbeelding van Totta

22-02-2023, 20:45

Made some small changes and uploaded a oscilloscope version to YouTube.

Van Parn

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afbeelding van Parn

23-02-2023, 19:30

Very nice! Thanks for sharing this. Wink

Van defdanny

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afbeelding van defdanny

25-02-2023, 17:48

Hi Totta,
really really like that one! And I totally agree with Pac and Pencioner.

Van thegeps

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afbeelding van thegeps

25-02-2023, 21:12

Love it!

Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

25-02-2023, 23:13

Somehow seems to remind me of the game Strategic Mars and Guardic.