Kai Magazine Software MSX2 games now back in stock (shipments in 1 or 2 months)

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Paragon (1428)

afbeelding van Kai Magazine

27-03-2023, 12:57

Hello folks,
As promised, we are making new batches of almost all our MSX2 games (except for Metal Dragon which uses a special, very expensive board).
In order to know how many materials we need to order for each game, we now open a pre-order period of 1 week approx from today.
After that week, we will order the materials and we will ship the games in 1 or 2 months after that.
So now you can order the games at our online shop:


If you purchased the rom during 2023 I will discount the price of the digital version (I will refund it after the physical version's purchase).

Best regards,

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Van Kai Magazine

Paragon (1428)

afbeelding van Kai Magazine

01-04-2023, 10:44

Thank you all the people who pre-ordered for this new batch of games ^_^
Only 3 days left to place pre-orders!

Van jermar

Rookie (18)

afbeelding van jermar

25-05-2023, 21:28

I feel stupid I missed this somehow, will there be another batch at some point? :-)