Tanikugu 2


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15-04-2023, 21:39

I know this is a bit long shot, but you can't win, if you don't ask. Smile

I'm quite a big fan of M-KAI SHMUPs, I enjoyed "Kyokugen" a lot and "Pleasure Hearts" is one of my favorite SHMUPs for MSX platform.

but... Before these there was Tanikugu 2, that was likely largely ignored by MSX community due to fact that it was "only" Yoshida Konzern game...

How ever especially the sound world of this game is something that I really think different in nature compared to any other MSX game that I can think of, and that is why I would really, really like to play it and hear it from real hardware.

If anyone can tell, how we could get access to that game, I would appreciate it.
Here are YouTube-videos about what I'm talking about:

Ps. It seems the musician has active SoundCloud account here:

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Van Ivan

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16-04-2023, 09:41

I have just watched the video of the game and listened to the music and, yes, it is definitely something different and unique! His style was way ahead of its time.

Van enribar

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16-04-2023, 10:25

Game is really good, bosses apart.
Music is really well composed, but Is it possible in Yoshida K. to change those horrible sound effects?

Van Takamichi

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17-04-2023, 13:43

No M-Kai didn't make this game. sgrm who posted that Youtube vid declared he made it himself in this playthrough and neither of the Tanikugu duo in the image & video is M-Kai whom I met more than once.
Apart from the face Tanikugu sgrm's graphics, sound and writing style are quite distinct from M-Kai.

Furthermore the background music of the Youtube video is not that of the original game but sgrm dubbed it with another non-MSX music Pock he composed later as explained here.

Van tfh

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17-04-2023, 14:08

It would be nice if these missing Yoshida Konzern games ever popped up Smile


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17-04-2023, 15:25

@Takamichi: Thank you for explaining. M-Kai was mentioned on one other web-page + on the playlist name, but what did we learn from here... You can't really trust the internet as false information gets replicated just as fast as real info. Sorry about participating to that.

I was also thinking that the game sounded a bit too much off to be true and that is why I really wanted to hear the real game... I don't enjoy of being right in these kind of cases though. Smile

Van Takamichi

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17-04-2023, 16:50

I saw the website but where is that playlist? I am very interested. Edit: Found it but it wasn't named by sigarami himself but "msxresources".
Tanikugu_sgrm is not hiding the music isn't MSX. His green 00:37 comment here says "This FM that is equivalent to OPM is unachievable on MSX".