VRoBIT computer (MSX computer) is going to be sold - 1.000 registered users needed

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25-08-2017, 00:49

I just wanted to tell you that the VRoBIT computer is almost ready. The VRoBIT is a multiplatform system. It will support the following platforms :

* MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, MSX Turbo R
* ZX Spectrum 48K
* Amstrad CPC 464
* Commodore 64

In the future it will be added more platforms such as Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo/Super Famicom, PC Engine, ...

The main focus of the VRoBIT will be the MSX system, since you can insert physical MSX cartridges and it implements from MSX1 till MSX Turbo R.

In the case of MSX system, the main focus of the project, it emulates the sound chips : PSG, SCC, SCC+, OPLL (MSX-Music/FMPAC), Music-Module (MSX-Audio), OPL3, OPL4, SID. Some of these sound chips are very hard to find and expensive and the VRoBIT has all of them integrated. It also has the V9990 chip that it will let us play games with requiere that graphic potential such as Intruder or the near pixel perfect conversion of Ghosts'n Goblins. It has 4 slots so you can insert the MSX cartridges you need (if you want to insert the game with the V9990 and OPL4, a slot expansor is no longer needed).

The VRoBIT can be connected using SCART connector to a CRT television or it can be also connected to a flat screen using HDMI.

The detailed information of VRoBIT it can be found here :

VRoBIT website

The creator needs that at least 1.000 users will be registered at VRoBIT website. If that happened, the VRoBIT HC4001 would pass to next step, the preorder. The HC4001 model is the one which has the mechanical keyboard integrated.

In the following link you can see videos from the project and some exclusive games :

Nemesis 2 running in VRoBIT computer

Exclusive game Operation Pig for VRoBIT computer

Hells Road for VRoBIT

VRoBIT magazine (spanish) RetroMadrid 2017

If the creator doesn't receive at least 1.000 registered users, the project won't be released. Can all the people interested in the project register in VRoBIT website, please? In this stage we only need 1.000 users to be registered.

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