MSX Resource Center welcomes its 1000th member!

por Sander em 15-10-2002, 23:38
Tópico: MRC

MSX Resource Center welcomes its 1000th member!Within two years after the launch of the 'new' MSX Resource Center website, one thousand MSX users chose to join the MSX Resource Center as members. After starting as a website with links to MSX websites in 1994, the site had a complete make-over in 2000. The site changed from a 'links-only' site to an all-in-one MSX Community site, focusing mainly on news and links.

From that point on people could join the MSX Resource Center and submit news, links, forum posts and reactions to news posts. Thanks to the MSX revival and the dedication of many active members of the MSX community, more and more news came in. With the growth in activity on this site, more and more people decided to join the MSX Resource Center as well. In 2002, we sent our first newsletter to all members subscribed to our 'mailing list', sending them a summary of the recent MSX-related news, and sometimes giving just a bit more information than is available on our site.

Currently, we are working on another make-over of the website which will enable us to offer even more features to the MSX community. After several clean-ups of our members-database (removing more than 300 members with invalid e-mail addresses) we steadily grew to a user base of 1000 members.We would like to thank the entire MSX Community for still spending enough spare-time on our beloved 8-bit computer system to justify the existence of this community-portal.

The MSX Resource Center team:

  • Sander van Nunen
  • Bart Schouten
  • Sander Zuidema
  • Jacco Bot
  • Anne de Raad
  • Albert Beevendorp

Comentários (7)

Por chaos

Paladin (821)

imagem de chaos

15-10-2002, 23:41

congrats you all!
keep the good work comin'

Por Maggoo

Paragon (1218)

imagem de Maggoo

16-10-2002, 07:35

Nice work you're doing and long life to the resource center...

Por snout

Ascended (15187)

imagem de snout

16-10-2002, 10:51

Thanks guys! We could not have done it without you! Smile

Por Gakubuchi

Expert (106)

imagem de Gakubuchi

16-10-2002, 13:03

Congratulations! Keep on it! BTW, the MSX Resource Center is the default page in my office PC! Smile Thank you!

Por 4play

Resident (53)

imagem de 4play

16-10-2002, 13:42


it's a nice webside...

and there's coming more and more info about MSX joy joy joy...

keep it up guys'n GRRLZ

Por msxgamesbox

Champion (397)

imagem de msxgamesbox

16-10-2002, 16:39

Congratulations - you build up the best MSX information portal around. Well done and prosperity for next upcoming years!

Por FiXato

Scribe (1743)

imagem de FiXato

18-10-2002, 10:30

On behalf of the MSX-Xpress Team, CONGRATULATIONS!
Let's hope you will keep on working on this site for a LOOONG time Wink