MSX Resource Center restyled!

por snout em 18-12-2002, 10:08
Tópico: MRC

It has been almost three years since the latest make-over of our website. In 2000 - after a period of silence - we started serving the MSX community from a humble ASP webserver at Host2go/Esearch, who have been kind enough to host our website for free. Now, the time has come to move on and take the next step in the online MSX community experience. As you probably already noticed, our entire website has been restyled and recoded. You are looking at the results right now. These changes were accompanied by a move to another server at another web host. This new host isn't only faster and more reliable, our new content management system allows us to add and adjust new features to our website with much more ease than before. Just a small list of the improvements that are already available:

  • A new interface for our longer, in-depth articles like the Emulator comparison.
  • A completely renewed, phpBB based forum. Work your way up through the forum ranks from MSX friend to Guru.
  • A highly efficient search engine which allows you to search the news posts, web links, articles and forum all at once
  • Recategorized links to more than 150 other MSX websites. Please don't forget to add sites that are not yet listed in our database.

...and much, much more. Feel free to sign up as a member -if you had not already done so- to benefit the most of all the improved features of our new website. We would like to thank the entire MSX community for all the support we have received in the past.

Comentários (12)

Por Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1803)

imagem de Jorito

18-12-2002, 11:38

Just one thing: great work! Smile

Por chaos

Paladin (821)

imagem de chaos

18-12-2002, 16:33

I can only agree with Jorito Smile

Por msxgamesbox

Champion (397)

imagem de msxgamesbox

18-12-2002, 18:03

Congratulations for the new re-styling. It's just great!

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

imagem de anonymous

18-12-2002, 18:38

Congrats! Very impressive Smile

Por FiXato

Scribe (1743)

imagem de FiXato

19-12-2002, 10:27

Looking GOOD!
a shame though that your are using phpBB Smile

Por [D-Tail]

Ascended (8263)

imagem de [D-Tail]

19-12-2002, 11:36

Hiya! Your new lay out can surely be approved (and don't call me shirley 8=) )

Por Hydragon

Paladin (751)

imagem de Hydragon

19-12-2002, 14:31

Great work Smile ..
Foundation? hahaha..

You're using a new logo I see... but I still like the old one..

Greetz, Koetje MSX.. Tongue

Por DarQ

Paragon (1038)

imagem de DarQ

19-12-2002, 16:43

As i already said: NICE!!! And very good PHP coding!! Instead of dumn ASP garbage ;-) PHP rules

Por 4play

Resident (53)

imagem de 4play

21-12-2002, 21:25

OMG let ik ff niet op ....

NICE job restyle is completely blowing me from my chair here... only the logo is not so nice but hey... there must be room for some aproval Smile

Por snout

Ascended (15187)

imagem de snout

22-12-2002, 13:26

Thanks for alll the reactions, guys! We really appreciate it Wink And about those improvements... well... keep posting in the forum ('MSX Resource Center part') and we'll see what we can do for you.

Por Rataplan

Champion (354)

imagem de Rataplan

23-12-2002, 22:08

nice layout like this! However i miss one of my favourite things: the midi player... where has it gone? Or at least, where have the *.mid's gone?

Por snout

Ascended (15187)

imagem de snout

23-12-2002, 22:18

The MIDI player and the midi files will be back online in the near future!