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fMSX/Android 3.9.4

by snout on 12-08-2014, 21:48
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, fMSX

fMSX for Android adds slow-motion, improved PSG emulation, cover/screenshot downloads, support for MX1/MX2 ROM files and improved Dropbox support - amongs many other changes.

#openMSX irc channel opened

by snout on 23-03-2003, 23:39
Topic: Emulation

The developers of openMSX registered a channel on Freenode, an IRC network dedicated to opensource projects. On this channel you can talk about de development of this highly accurate and portable MSX emulator.

20 Years of BrMSX

by ricbit on 18-08-2017, 03:48
Topic: Emulation

Two decades of aiming for speed and accuracy

3 in 1 newspost

by snout on 26-04-2002, 13:48
Topic: Emulation

We had some small news lying around, we did not want you to miss out on

  • At the openMSX site you can download the version of openMSX that was demonstrated in Tilburg.
  • Olivier Hustin did not sell his turboR in Tilburg.

WebMSX 6.0 - TurboR - V9990 - MSX-JE

AmiMSX2 V3.1

by tfh on 14-10-2000, 16:50
Topic: Emulation

AmiMSX2 V3.1 has been released, and is available at the MEP: http://www.file-hunter.com New features in V3.1 are:

  • MSX2 Overscan support
  • Screen 2 and 4 ONE bank tile support.
  • 100% Compatible with all Motorola procesors (020/030/040/060)
  • Z-80A Emulation is now Syncronized (Slow but more Quality)
  • Now, a l

Atari MSX Emulator V0.10b

by tfh on 10-07-2000, 09:15
Topic: Emulation

MSX Emulator V0.10b has been released. This is an MSX Emulator for the Atari STx & Atari Falcon series. It‘s rather slow but works quite allright. You can download it at the official website www.vanheusden.com/vanheusd/atari_st/

Atomic FE Launcher

by snout on 27-02-2007, 16:59
Topic: Emulation

PassionMSX have published a short article on how to use the generic Atomic FE launcher, a front-end for multi-emulators, with blueMSX.

Big 10 emulator for MSX2

by NYYRIKKI on 15-06-2009, 21:07
Topic: Emulation

NYYRIKKI has released yet another util that probably only he would have thought of developing. It's a BIG 10 gambling machine emulator for MSX2. Say what? Well.. this emulator includes all the features from the original machine including DIP swithes, service switch etc.

blueMSX 1.0.1

by snout on 21-11-2003, 12:31
Topic: Emulation

Today, a new MSX emulator was released: blueMSX 1.0.1. This emulator. based on fMSX 2.7, was developed by Daniel Vik. The emulator is very easy to use and, although this is the first official release, runs a lot of MSX software as it should.

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