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Interview with Yukiharu Urita and Tadahiro Nitta about their MSX stage at Microcabin.

Would you like to know more about the MSX? Keep reading...

A bunch of chiptune music for you.

Retro Magazines

by ro on 12-11-2021, 12:26
Topic: MSX Related

Retro mags, be it paper or digital, an ingredient for a good x-mas

Call Voice - Tadahiro Nitta

by ro on 06-11-2021, 14:08
Topic: MSX Related

Under the alias Oasis in 2-op, Tadahiro Nitta releases his CALL VOICE EP

You‘re not alone!

Another celebrity of our youth celebrates his 40th birthday

Pieces of MSX bits you might have missed

A new tool to handle our disk images.


by MSX Resource Center on 26-05-2021, 11:56
Topic: MSX Related

News too short to giv'em a front page.

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