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Plattysoft's new game called Shyre is out

by ro on 21-09-2023, 14:59
Topic: Software

Play online and pick up the ROM at MSXgoto40

Pampas & Selene 2nd batch

by Pac on 20-09-2023, 19:45
Topic: Software
Tags: Knightmare, MoG, msx2, SCC

Don't miss it... again!

Get yours now!

Binary Land

by ro on 21-08-2023, 21:09
Topic: Software

Pink is the new black

Games on cartridge are a thing

Pre-order on epic journeys

An old-school MSX1 game for the XXI century.

The latest version of this multiple sound chip player is now available.

Possibly the final incarnation of a huge upgrade for the Valis Warrior's 2nd adventure


by Pac on 09-03-2015, 10:57
Topic: Software
Tags: game

Next June 27th the MSX AREA magazine will release a new game for MSX2 in cartridge format called BOOMING BOY.

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